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Taking Lessons Online

When Covid-19 started a lot of music teachers had to quickly adapt to be able to deliver effective music lessons online. Fortuneately there’s a lot of good technology available that makes online lessons very effective and these days the online experience can be just as good as in person. 

I’ve had several students over the last few years that have only taken lessons online with me and they have been very successful. I have several cameras at different angles, a professional microphone and digital piano so that my students can get a good overhead and side view of my keyboard and easily follow my directions.

How Online Lessons Work

Before your lesson:

  • Before your lesson, we will communicate  via email or a messaging service like WhatsApp to discuss anything specific that you would like to work on.

  • I will send you any materials you need to prepare for your lesson, such as music, exercises, and notes.

During your lesson:
  • Your online piano lesson will take place by video call on a platform such as Zoom. At the arranged time, all you have to do is click the link that I have sent you (on Zoom).

  • During your online lesson, things will proceed just as they would in a face-to-face lesson. I will listen to you play and offer you feedback, demonstrate specific techniques, and guide you as you work on your piano technique and musicianship.

  • I have a large screen, so I will be able to see your hands and posture as you play, and you will likewise be able to see and hear me play. This allows me to provide suggestions for improvement and to serve as a model for you.

  • We both have a copy of the music you are working on. When I make notes on the score, I will show you on-screen so you can copy the notes onto your own score. This is important for reinforcing your understanding and reminding you of how to practice and perform a certain passage when you’re on your own.

After your lesson:
  • At the end of each lesson, I will send you any notes from the lesson via email. This will allow you to save your notes conveniently on your computer or Ipad so you can review them as you practice throughout the week.

  • If you have any questions, you will be able to contact me by email, WhatsApp, or another messaging service.

  • Most of the weekly assignments are supported by youtube videos or my own recordings to reinforce what we did during the lesson.


You will need a device such as a laptop or Ipad but try to use the biggest screen you have available. A good microphone is important because quite often the built in microphones in devices don’t offer the same quality as external microphones. Simple plug in USB microphones are good enough and they are quite affordable. Some of my students use headphones, but a bluetooth speaker is also fine or simply the speakers in your device.

Once you get started, I will send you detailed setup instructions on how you can optimize the settings in zoom to have the best experience online for music lessons.


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