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Popular questions

There are many choices of digital and acoustic pianos. At least you need a full size keyboard with 88 keys and weighted keys if you decide to buy a digital piano.

Many of my students prepare for practial and theory exams by ABRSM or Trinity examination boards but it’s not a must. 

You will have a weekly practise assignment sheet which sets the tasks you or your children have for the week. Parents often need to help their younger children with these tasks.

I hold student recitals at least twice a year. Of course parents and friends are welcome to see the great progress their kids have made!

There isn’t really a perfect age to start piano lessons but I often have pre-school children at 5 years old already taking their first lessons. Lots of fun activities are important at this age of course.

My lessons are all conducted at my students homes.

There isn’t really a fixed number of lessons and learning the piano is a long term commitment. Of course you may only need some lessons preparing for an exam or competition.

Depending on your individual needs, I will recommend course books for you and we can order most of them on Amazon easily

Most students need an hour a week because of the wide variety of activites we do but It really depends on the age and level of student. 

This depends ultimately on the goal but it will probably take several years to reach a good level. 

Yes, almost all of the activites I do face to face can be done online and modern technology has made online music lessons very accessible.