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Having Fun Learning the Piano

From the very beginning my aim is to make learning the piano a fun an enjoyable experience.  I include a lot of engaging games, activities,  technology, and improvisational activities to make learning the piano a blast. My piano students love composing their own tunes and playing duets with me or other students.

In this fun-filled setting, your child will never view piano lessons as just an extension of school; they’ll be excited to come to each session. I’m confident that this kind of joyful atmosphere can nurture a lifelong passion for music, along with all the enriching benefits it brings.

Well-rounded Lessons

What I want to pass on to others is as wide a musical education as possible, so as well as note-reading, technique and theory (which are fundamental), I encourage playing and listening to a wide variety of styles, having a go at improvising, trying to pick out the melody of a favourite pop song and having a go at making up a chord progression. I often include other aspects of the piano in my lessons such as

  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Pop style chord progressions
  • Simple jazz & blues


Performance Opportunities

I hold student concerts every year which all students are invited to perform in. The concerts are relaxed and nurturing environments where students can build their performance skills and their confidence. We either rent a facility or do the recital at one of my student’s homes. It’s a great chance for parents to see the progress their kids have been making all year long !

Technology & Activities

I use a lot of games and creative tools in my teaching to keep children engaged and to help them learn basic music theory concepts. Nowadays there are lots of great apps available for IOS and Android platforms. 

I often use my Ipad to get my students to play along with backing tracks to their favourite songs, making scale practice fun, learning to read music and simply playing cool games to reinforce ideas introduced during the class time.

Piano Exams

I often get asked about piano exams a lot and many of my students do very well on ABRSM practical and theory exams. They can be a great goal to motivate students but they don’t work for everyone. There’s a huge piano repertoire out there to discover, so it’s important not to be only learning examination pieces. 

When the student is ready and interested in taking a piano exam, I will discuss it with them and the parents because exams should be a postive and rewarding experience and not something to get anxious about.

Piano Practice

Daily (almost daily) practice is part of learning to play the piano. I usually assign tasks to be done at home and the parent’s role in this is very important. Parents need to develop a routine and guide especially young children with their homework assignments. You don’t need to be able to read music to help your children at home. Read here for more tips on how you can help your children at home with piano practice.