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I have many adult learners that took lessons as a child and want to play again but also many beginners come to me with a desire to learn a new hobby or simply learn how to play their favourite pieces. Of course goals and personal commitments are different and yes it can be challenging at times, but with the right attitude, anyone can learn to play.

All Types of Music

Although I focus on teaching the fundamentals and technical skills essential for successful piano playing, lessons don't have to be boring. There's no obligation to stick to 'Hot Cross Buns' for weeks on end or aim for a complete Mozart sonata—unless, of course, that's what you enjoy! Whether you're drawn to Beatles tunes, jazz classics, or accompanying your community choir, your personalized lessons will focus on your unique interests and goals

Lesson Duration

I suggest a minimum of 60-minute sessions every week for adult learners of the piano. While some more experienced adults opt for 30-minute check-ins, I usually recommend this shorter duration only for those at an intermediate or advanced level. As an adult, you'll likely appreciate the extra time to absorb what you've learned, empowering you to practice effectively on your own at home.

Piano Practice

Playing music is a completely new skill, it’s similar to learning a new language and a new craft all wrapped into one, and requires fine motor skills from each of your fingers in a way that very few other things do. This all takes practice. It is completely manageable when be taken step by step, but it does require a long term commitment.

I completely understand that it is not as easy for adults to accommodate regular practise time, work, family and just general life can get in the way from time to time. If there is a week that it just wasn’t possible to practise, I don’t want you to feel guilty when you come into your lessons!

I won’t try to make you feel bad about not practising one week. We can just spend that lesson working through the material together and use it as a guided practice session.